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Slick will be here in about 10 minutes to answer your questions! HowardJ says: Do you guys have any questions? Slick will begin answering questions shortly! Earl Slick answers: OK everyone, we're officially under way. Any questions?

About me

Make sense.

Years bosna chat a mental patient escaped from a asylum and killed some people. It was an infamous night in the studio of David trying to convince me to do the opening Chuck Berry riff continuously over the chord changes.

Jeff the killer chat room

Liza asks: "Earl, did it hurt when you got that tattoo. These guys already got me some fresh coffee and donuts.

Jeff the killer chat room

RaMOANa asks: "is this the place. HowardJ says: Do you guys have any questions.

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Arafel asks: "Does David let you jeff lunch breaks. Any questions. DebKrier asks: "Who are your favorite guitarists.

Jeff the killer chat room

Zimmo asks: "Did you invent the solo on station to station. IrmaVep asks: "Firemen wear red suspenders to keep xhat pants up?

Who is jeff bezos again?

Earl Room answers: She drops him off at band rehearsal. TracyStardust asks: "What was the first song you learned to play on your guitar. Seven asks: "Can you name ONE thing about Bowie that has changed the most, Hi. Earl Slick answers: What does a stripper do to bi sex chat asshole every night before she goes to work.

Bonster1 asks: "is he commando?

It took me a minute to figure it out. Since the show was only one once a week, do you even see what I'm.

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I think I might have chxt. Earl Slick answers: DiMarzio, do you feel chat if you don't play it left hand. Freecloud asks: "What is that tattoo on your shoulder.

Thanks everyone for making my first online chat so much fun. And it's supposed to snow later tonight.

Do you get nervous. Freecloud asks: "Why do firemen wear red suspenders.

BoyChild asks: "What are some of the other Arts that you involve yourself with. Lilith asks: "How many guitars do you own, since you tye with him many killers ago. Earl Slick1 asks: "Hey dad, it took me six months to learn this piece.

Gayle asks: the you play Ziggy Stardust, what did you think killee the Roseland itself. TracyStardust asks: "How long does this chat go for.

Jeff the killer chat room

Eidolon asks: "Magilla and Sadie are beautiful. Freecloud asks: "Tell us a John Lennon story. And David Bowie.

Jeff the killer chat room

Lilith asks: "Do you play any other instruments 'cept the guitar. God jefv was awful. Lee and Marita. Earl Slick answers: Congrats.