z wave light switch no neutral wire The Jasco switch, those plus neutral. Only problem is my existing switch doesn't have neutral. When I wire up, Jasco switch with just load, line 8 Perfect Z Wave Light Switch No Neutral Wire Ideas

8 Perfect Z Wave Light Switch No Neutral Wire Ideas

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Perfect Z Wave Light Switch No Neutral Wire Ideas - I simply mounted both ge dimmer transfer a ge smart plug. The whole thing works nice however the scheduled off within the iris app. You may agenda an on or ar a dimmer alternate however it appears to ignores the off commend.

I attempted 2 special switches to no avail. I like many dont have a neutral cord but i do have them bundled up in the lower back of the box so i discovered which one went to the light i used to be seeking to manage but nonetheless not anything so i took them returned. I used to be so hoping in an effort to control outdoor lighting fixtures with my iris however i guess they'll ought to live on the photocell….

The z-wave switch probable has a low-voltage relay that connects line & load, and when you consider that you don't have any impartial, you don't have any electricity to perform that relay. You'll want to see if there's a netural cord hidden someplace within the outlet or wall, or run one.

It relies upon on how they wire your house if you have neutral cord or no longer. If the feed goes to the light you don’t. If the feed goes to the switch and then to the mild you may.

The antique one has load, line and ground. The jasco transfer has the ones plus impartial. Only hassle is my current switch doesn't have neutral. After i wire up the jasco transfer with simply load and line, it doesn't appear to paintings:. The z-wave switch calls for it's own energy to perform the low voltage circuitry, which it is able to't get when you consider that there's no voltage b/w line & load as load will in all likelihood simply be floating. You want line and neutral to bypass the 120v in to the transfer. You can have a floor twine. The ground wire and the neutral are sincerely related to the same vicinity for your breaker box however the electric powered code prevents you from the use of it as a neutral. You don’t want any present day in this cord for protection. In truth if its on a gfi having modern-day on this twine will experience the breaker.