wiring a micro switch How to Wire up a Micro Switch 9 Popular Wiring A Micro Switch Collections

9 Popular Wiring A Micro Switch Collections

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How To Wire Up A Micro Switch - I couldn't examine your schematic as it failed to come across large enough so the relay i were given probable isn't always the same. If you may sketch it alittle larger for me i would respect it. Please maintain it in a "language" that a electric dummy like myself can apprehend. Thanks, i do admire your assist. Rod.

Steve, i took the liberty of numbering your schematic so we'd understand what we're speakme approximately. As i installed the wires without the timer, i examined them with the battery. I didn't have any problems until i established 3 on relay a to four on relay b. It shorted out at that factor. I switched the motor leads with 3a and 4b and that i may want to hear the relay click however the motor did now not run. Again i went over all my connections and i am sure i have it stressed in step with your schematic.

Steve, i'm sorry however i won't be capable of work on this for the next couple of days as i will be out of town. With the current 8" of snow we just had my wife and that i sense we just ought to get in one greater weekend of snowmobiling earlier than spring. When i am getting back sunday i'll redo my top transfer and i will get again to then you definitely. Thanks for all you've helped me with to date. My wife thinks i am nuts for even beginning this assignment (chook residence) however it is been a first-rate stress reliever this winter, that is up til now. I surely do appreciate you assisting me see this door issue through to the give up! Rod.

Desirable morning steve, i see what you are announcing approximately the switch. My problem is that if you want to keep the door from binding, my door track is set four mm wider that the door. So there is alot of slop and getting the transfer to trip in the same region everytime is a trouble. However i suppose i'm able to remodel the cause so it may not spoil the transfer. The bottom one will be alright because the door can best move down just thus far. Sure i do have a multimeter, however i should alert you that i bought it only for this undertaking so my know-how of its use is restrained to what i have found out at the internet.