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8 Simple Wiring A Light Fixture With 9 Wires Images

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Simple Wiring A Light Fixture With 9 Wires Images - Word how each the purple and blue wires go to one lamp. ?the yellow wires are, for loss of a higher description, are "shared"  so pin 1 of lamp 1 and pin 1 of lamp 2 cross one yellow twine. ?pin 2 of lamp 1 and pin 2 of lamp 2 go to the alternative yellow wire. ?is that this how you have got it stressed?.

I then rewired it without the single black wire and the mild got here on but it might not flip off through the mild switch. The handiest way to turn it off is by means of the principle breaker. I have changed the mild switch questioning it might had been defective however that didn't remedy the hassle.

From what i have study, from time to time they might join c's black twine to put three (the other purple stay wires) after which c's crimson cord will be the switched-stay go back from the switch. Connecting the black to the reds could make it obvious to an electrician and that might be why no twine had crimson-tape on it's quit.

In your case the crimson/white pair is probably from the transfer, red probably live and white switched stay (usually in my part of the sector it might have purple tape on it to signify switched live). The alternative two twin earth cables are mains deliver and continuation to subsequent light fitting. Your wires had been linked without delay to the mild fitting so there may be no separate cable to the lamp.

Here is the proper-hand side of the lamps wherein i have the pink and blue (bundles of four each) related in two separate agencies. ?on this photograph, the two yellow are not linked to the unmarried yellow at the left hand aspect:.

What i did at the start is joined all of the black together and related them to the neutral of the ceiling mild and the pink to the live and the inexperienced to the earth however that brought on the breaker to break. 2) from the left aspect, there may be one purple, one blue and one yellow twine that aren't reflected in the diagram under. ?i've indeed connected the 2 blue on the right side of the ballast with the two blue at the proper facet of the lamp as well as the two red with the two purple. ?the 2 yellow i had originally linked to the unmarried yellow on the left. ?but then, what to do with the more pink and blue of that same left-hand trio? ?i to begin with bundled the extra left-hand purple with the 4 purple at the right-hand aspect, and the same with the more blue, however this did no longer paintings.