wire ceiling fan light dual switch Westinghouse Antique Brass Replacement 3-Speed, Switch 13 Most Wire Ceiling, Light Dual Switch Images

13 Most Wire Ceiling, Light Dual Switch Images

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Wire Ceiling, Light Dual Switch - My residence is 60 years antique, with unique cloth wrapped 2-twine 12 ga wires for the duration of the residence, and an up to date 200a breaker box. I want to replace a three-manner transfer setup on a ceiling fan/mild with a double 3-way switch setup - a three-way on the light and a three-manner at the fan. I am searching at using two leviton 5640 within the present single-gang spots, even as replacing the vintage containers with vintage work. Your very last remark about having no neutral in the house makes feel if you're confusing neutral and ground. Older homes commonly have ungrounded branch circuits. At the switch, you probable have blacks and whites, however no naked grounds. My guess is that the ceiling mild field was delivered after the residence turned into constructed the use of present day 14/2 with ground. For the reason that ground did not have a feature, it was transformed for use as a neutral for a split transfer situation.

I am changing a ceiling fan and it has 3 wires as is not unusual: black, white, and naked floor. I've a two-toggle wall transfer. One transfer makes the black wire hot (for the motor), and the other transfer makes the white cord warm (for the included light). So it seems like the white wire in the ceiling is used as a hot for the mild in place of a impartial cord as is not unusual. Inside the case that the power originates on the fan/mild, i'd employ some 12/2/2. The usage of a period between the fan/mild, and first institution of switches. Then another period among the two organizations of switches.

I deliberate on wiring it up primarily based on some house owner's how-to books, like this diagram indicates. My question is what twine ought to i exploit to update the present 3-way setup, whilst including for the double switches? I've stressed a fan/light on a double switch earlier than, using 12/three with a floor, but i did not realize what twine i should want for the double three-way setup. If you're going to use wiring just like the first diagram from that thread, and you're making plans to apply 12 awg wiring. You're going to need 5 conductors (plus floor) between the switch packing containers, so i might probable use two separate cables.