white rodgers thermostat wiring diagram 1f86-344 White Rodgers Thermostat Model 1f86, Elegant Wiring Diagrams Diagram 1f80, 4 Wire Of 9 12 Cleaver White Rodgers Thermostat Wiring Diagram 1F86-344 Galleries

12 Cleaver White Rodgers Thermostat Wiring Diagram 1F86-344 Galleries

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White Rodgers Thermostat Model 1F86, Elegant Wiring Diagrams Diagram 1F80, 4 Wire Of 9 - The c terminal (commonly black or blue) is for the commonplace hookup, that's optionally available and calls for a little extra technical know-how to hook up, no longer in reality suggest for diyer’s as you may blow up transformers if installed incorrect, and ought to be left to a person that has at the least a little little bit of hvac training as you will have with a purpose to locate the transformer (that is commonly in the air handler in residential units).

Together with your small flat head screwdriver loosen all the set screws from the wires and using you needle nostril pliers, cast off the wires from the set screws. Unmount the screws securing the antique thermostat and then you definitely must be able to tug the thermostat off of the wall.

First component you need to do is flip the electricity off to the air handler or furnace. Then you definately are going to remove the duvet from the vintage thermostat. Typically that is executed with the aid of pulling from the pinnacle of the thermostat within the center, closer to you and the quilt must pop right off. A few thermostats may additionally have a small set screw so don’t pass yanking it off the wall if it doesn’t come off with a little pressure.

It is right which you positioned within the disclaimer . Because many have no longer handiest burn-up a brand new thermostat but damage other elements as properly. I recommend that if you aren't completely positive, lease the completely educated hvac technician for the job.

First with the energy off i connect the optionally available not unusual cord up to the thermostat. Then i open up the air handler and discover the transformer. At the 24 volt aspect of the transformer observe the common cord to where it hooks up with the equal string of twine that’s going out to you compressor, and this is wherein i tie the blue cord into. Within the image to the right (click to extend) i followed the commonplace twine to the relay manage board, and the commonplace twine comes out at the c terminal (brown twine).