track lighting no green wire Installing Dimmable Track Lighting Without House Wiring: 6 Steps 7 Simple Track Lighting No Green Wire Pictures

7 Simple Track Lighting No Green Wire Pictures

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7 Simple Track Lighting No Green Wire Pictures - 1.?  insert reduce extension cable ends via screw-in connector on electric box and pull out 6-12 inches so you can paintings with them without problems. 2.?  put a easy loop in the wires approximately 4 inches from the ends - later this will serve to save you wires from being pulled out and putting strain on electrical connections. This step is not vital in case you are the use of a clamp-type connector. Three.?  strip outer sheathing lower back 2" on all uncovered cord ends four.?  strip wire insulation back half of" on all resulting exposed wires 5.?  use a cord nut to splice black twine from plug wire to one black dimmer wire. (Does not count which black dimmer wire you operate.) 6.?  use a cord nut to splice closing dimmer cord to the black cord going to the tune mild. 7.?  use a twine nut to splice three green wires collectively eight.?  use a twine nut to splice 2 white wires collectively nine.?  in case you need the dimmer mounted down, now could be the time to mount the electric box in favored area 10.?  pull wires again out until they stop at the formerly referred to loops eleven.?  mount the dimmer into the electric box the use of the two screws furnished with the dimmer. 11.?  relaxed cover plate on the dimmer the use of the 2 screws supplied with the plate.

Painting i went with all black - wire, dimmer and on hand container to suit the track and furniture. The handy container changed into basic utilitarian unpainted metal (howdy, what do you want for 87 cents?), So i painted it flat black. Because the field has a coating of oil from the factory you may want to wipe it down with mineral spirits and dry it earlier than portray or your paint may not adhere nicely. I additionally needed to eliminate a small upc sticker. Notes:.

5. Carefully adjust every light's role at the song - do no longer try to simply slide the lighting on the music as soon as they are locked in area! Twist them to disconnect, circulate, then twist returned into function!.