thermostat wiring diagram c wire Substitute Extra Wire, C-Wire -- Install, Honeywell Wi-Fi smart thermostat with this video., YouTube 14 Perfect Thermostat Wiring Diagram C Wire Collections

14 Perfect Thermostat Wiring Diagram C Wire Collections

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Substitute Extra Wire, C-Wire -- Install, Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat With This Video., YouTube - You may notice within the first photograph that relays inside the furnace, the thermostat, and the contactor coil all hook up with the equal leg of the transformer. That is due to the fact the thermostat basically works like a transfer, connecting the r cord to the c twine thru manipulate circuitry. Anything that wishes 24vac power, could be linked to each legs of the transformer.

In case you do not want to run a 5th wire (which, in our case might had been a actual pain because the basement has a completed ceiling), and also you do not mind dropping the "fan run" function, then jumper the yellow/red and the green/inexperienced wires together at the relevant air/heat circuit card, and pass the green wire going to the thermostat from that circuit card to the c terminal on that circuit card, and then join the inexperienced cord at the thermostat to the c terminal, after which you will have energy for the thermostat. Instantaneous common.

The manipulate board additionally has relays: one is for the fan, one is for heat. One facet of the coils of these relays are related to the g and w terminals respectively, and the opposite facet is attached to c (one side of that 24v ac energy).

The air conditioner relay works the equal manner, but it's not on board the manage board manifestly. So the white cord on c goes to one side of the relay, and the purple twine on y goes to the alternative facet. Whilst the thermostat requires a/c (via connecting r and y) it completes the circuit and supplies 24v ac to the a/c relay coil (which then switches on the 240vac most important energy to the compressor).

Colorations of the wires is deceptive, in reality there are however 2 facets or legs of 24 volt strength, the "hot leg" purple, and the "neutral leg" common. Commonplace is known as this because every 24 volt circuit terminates upon it to complete its circuit. I'm looking to deploy a brand new honeywell touchscreen wifi thermostat and need to add a c cord to my terminal inside the furnace (the usage of the help observed at how can i upload a "c" twine to my thermostat?). However.. I've a white cord that runs from the a/c unit outdoor that is connected to the c terminal at the furnace. If i run an 18/5 cord from the terminal to the thermostat, will this reason a hassle or a quick? I'm completely misplaced as to why there's a c wire jogging from the terminal outside to the a/c relay. I do not want to move the green wire as honeywell indicates and lose the strength to perform my blower manually.