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9 Top Thermostat Relay Wiring Diagram Images

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9 Top Thermostat Relay Wiring Diagram Images - At left the thermostat wiring diagram illustrates the standard wiring connections whilst installing a honeywell rth2300 (or similar) programmable room thermostat. Make certain to perceive and label the prevailing thermostat wires earlier than disconnecting them from the terminals on the vintage thermostat you are changing.

I usually thought warmth-simplest thermostats needed handiest two wires (purple and white), till this week once i determined to interchange from my vintage college round honeywell t-26 thermostat to virtual programmable thermostats. Off to home depot to shop for a few honeywell rth2300b digital programmable five-2 day thermostats. After putting in one i discovered that it referred to as for warmth however by no means shut it off. That is because the thermostats i purchased lack support for the 1/3 cord (b, blue) on my honeywell v2008a zone valves, the twine that closes the valve. In fact, i could not discover any thermostats at home depot or lowes that supported the 0.33 twine. So, i contacted a local hvac wholesaler and found that most of the thermostats that guide 3-cord quarter valves are pretty costly, about twice as tons as those i bought at domestic depot.

Be careful: existing thermostat wires in an effort to not be used within the new thermostat installation, including wires connected to c or c1 terminals on the old thermostat should have their ends taped in order no longer to by accident touch and brief different thermostat wires or connectors.

A second set of contacts will make or near on temperature upward push. This second set of contacts is usually used to perform a cooling or aircon device however may also be used to perform other controls or valves in a few heating systems.

The no. 1 is a low voltage protecting touch whilst the no. 2 is a line voltage contactor. The "coil" proven may be a magnetic coil that attracts in the armature of the no. 1 relay or it can be a relay type coil utilized in a fuel manage valve. The holding touch closes whilst the coil is energized.

For individuals who prefer to see an real wiring schematic or diagram whilst wiring up a room thermostat, the ones illustrations are furnished here to assist recognize what wires are being connected and what each twine is doing.