sumitomo electric wiring systems (thailand) co. ltd Sumitomo Electric Thailand, Elishes A Branch In Yangon 12 Best Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems (Thailand), Ltd Solutions

12 Best Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems (Thailand), Ltd Solutions

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Best Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems (Thailand), Ltd Solutions - Sumitomo electric powered industries ltd was installed in 1897. Internet sales in 2012 was 2,159,942 million yen (675,000m rub). Sumitomo electric is a major eastern manufacturer of fibres, fusion splicers, cable, materials & gadget for the semiconductor and opto-electronic industries; supplying telecommunications, energy transmission, information era and automotive cable markets worldwide.

>>>commercial enterprise report up until fy ended mar. 2007 >>>enterprise document fy ended mar. 2008-2015 >>>commercial enterprise document up till fy ended mar. 2016 >>>business record up till fy ended mar. 2017 >>>records of past well-knownshows word: figures in brackets ( ) indicate a loss.

The records of sumitomo electric powered reaches returned to the 16th century whilst masatomo sumitomo started out a copper refining business along with his brother in-regulation in japan. The sumitomo emblem, known as igeta, is a image of the sumitomo family of groups and may be visible on sumitomo businesses around the arena.

On 14 february 2014, goodyear announced its goal to dissolve its partnership with sumitomo because of alleged "anticompetitive behavior". On june 4, 2015 goodyear introduced the stop of its joint project with sri, powerful end of 12 months 2015. The logo dunlop could be shared between the 2 organizations:[6].

Sumitomo rubber industries, ltd. (??友ゴム工業株式会社 , sumitomo gomu okayōgyo kabushiki-gaisha) is a worldwide tire and rubber corporation based totally in japan. It is part of the sumitomo institution. The agency makes a huge range of rubber based merchandise, consisting of automobile tires, golf balls and tennis balls. Sumitomo brands consist of dunlop tyres, falken tire and ohtsu tire. The organisation traces its origins to 1909, whilst the sumitomo group made an investment in dunlop japan, the newly formed jap subsidiary of the british organization dunlop rubber. Through the years sumitomo and dunlop evolved a near commercial enterprise relationship, and in 1963 the sumitomo institution obtained manipulate of dunlop japan and renamed it sumitomo rubber industries ltd. Sumitomo electric europe ltd, presently one in every of 35 sumitomo electric groups in europe, became set up in 1972 and operates from an office in elstree, on the northern fringe of london. Sumitomo electric powered europe is a eu sales office for sure products made by using sumitomo electric industries ltd and has obligation for sales & assist of those products at some point of russia, europe, north africa and components of the middle east. Merchandise represented by way of sumitomo electric powered europe ltd include: optical fibre, optical fibre fusion splicers and accessories, optical fibre connectors, compound semiconductors, “new” materials and each passive & lively optical & opto-digital devices. The goods marketed thru the sumitomo electric europe workplace constitute handiest a portion of sumitomo electric industries entire product variety.