sumitomo electric wiring systems spain Sumitomo Electric Renews World Record of Lowest Loss Optical Fiber, Business Wire 8 Brilliant Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems Spain Images

8 Brilliant Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems Spain Images

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Reference • press release on march 27, 2013 sumitomo electric powered has set a new world report of the lowest optical transmission loss and starts shipment of optical fibers with low transmission loss and huge effective middle region fibers.

Sumitomo electric powered europe ltd, currently one among 35 sumitomo electric corporations in europe, was installed in 1972 and operates from an workplace in elstree, on the northern fringe of london. Sumitomo electric powered europe is a european sales workplace for certain products made by means of sumitomo electric industries ltd and has responsibility for sales & support of those products at some stage in russia, europe, north africa and parts of the middle east. Products represented by using sumitomo electric powered europe ltd include: optical fibre, optical fibre fusion splicers and accessories, optical fibre connectors, compound semiconductors, “new” materials and each passive & energetic optical & opto-digital gadgets. The products advertised through the sumitomo electric europe workplace represent simplest a portion of sumitomo electric powered industries entire product range.

*1 ultra-low loss fiber optical fiber whose center consists of natural silica (sio2) and has extraordinarily low transmission loss. Maximum normally, sumitomo electric’s z-plus fiber™ ull and z-plus fiber™ a hundred thirty ull have transmission losses as little as 0.152 db/km at a wavelength of 1550 nm, which can be the bottom a few of the commercial merchandise. As the demand for verbal exchange capability is skyrocketing over the world, there have been increasing desires for improvement within the performance of optical conversation structures. For such improvement, reduction in optical fiber’s transmission loss is an powerful solution. Since the commercialization of ultra-low loss fiber*1 in 1988, sumitomo electric powered has been pioneering the 5bf1289bdb38b4a57d54c435c7e4aa1c technologies including transmission loss discount. With these technologies, the company has been providing extremely-low loss fibers that have the bottom transmission losses among the industrial products.