refrigerator thermostat wiring diagram Brake Elementand Fridge Thermostat Wiring Diagram With Pilot Light Grill 10 Practical Refrigerator Thermostat Wiring Diagram Pictures

10 Practical Refrigerator Thermostat Wiring Diagram Pictures

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Refrigerator Thermostat Wiring Diagram - Additionally, after i take away the thermostat, is there any cause why i couldn’t use the live, impartial and ground wires which can be already walking through the insulation to the thermostat housing in the fridge because the three wires hooking up the temperature probes? It would be incredible to apply those wires at they may be already there and smartly threaded through the insulation to the exterior within the again.

The temp probes also have a ground cord and doesn’t the same follow to them as properly? As a substitute ought to i connect the ground wires at the temp probes in the fridge to the inexperienced cord from the fridge thermostat which is grounded on the metal frame of the fridge? (See photo below of indoors fridge thermostat wiring).

Picture c - here you could see the blue wire from the thermostat going to what i assume is the overload protector after which to the compressor, which then comes out of the p.C relay white. 640x640 151 kb.

Photograph b - underneath you could see the wall black plug cord (stay black and impartial white and floor inexperienced) coming up from the bottom of the picture to the connector that ends in the interior refrigerator thermostat (stay black, impartial red). Right here the crimson cord (sheathed in white) coming from the thermostat modifications to blue after and leads to the compressor.

Here is my proposed wiring diagram. I realized the most effective element i understand i've neglected of this diagram is the 5v 2amp power supply for the raspberry pi, after the principle energy cable splits to go to the pi and the ssrs. I have spread out this “wall hog” and am making plans to difficult wire it between this cut up and the raspberry pi. 640x640 133 kb.

1 and 2: ground in electronics isn't always earth in an ac gadget. They're various things. The 0v reference is often called ground, however this isn't always the same as the inexperienced/yellow earth cable in ac. You ought to join the /- from the ssr to the /- at the brewpi spark, the green connectors. Ac and dc circuits ought to be absolutely separate.