red wire in electrical panel ac -, Circuit Breaker, neutral, no ground?, Electrical 9 Popular Red Wire In Electrical Panel Images

9 Popular Red Wire In Electrical Panel Images

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Ac -, Circuit Breaker, Neutral, No Ground?, Electrical - I have a crucial smoke detectors in the residence. There are 3 smoke detectors on 3 one-of-a-kind flooring, the basement, predominant and second floor. The wires from the ceiling are all black, white and red. The smoke detector on the second ground has all the wires crimson, black and whites connected together, however i discovered that each on essential and within the basement the white wires have been disconnected, i'm now not too sure if the principle and basement wires both were given disconnected from the nut through accident from pulling on the wires. Do i have to reconntect the white wires back directly to cord together or do i depart them apart? Thanks. I spread out a light transfer and has a crimson 2 black 2 white and a ground how do i hook them as much as a new switch on the again to install the 2 lighting fixtures are linked collectively however no longer linked to some thing with a black electric tape around them.

We have pulled out a cupboard and discovered pink and black twine out of the wall. Would like to position a light up but the fittings at the light calls for three. Can or not it's put up with 2 or should we cover up the wires?. I replaced the cb and it trips usually when check is pressed. However, once reset there may be no power to the receptacle nor other recepticals also managed, again i agree with, with the aid of that cb. Could i've the blact"warm"cord and the white impartial wires to the cb reversed inflicting the circuit to don't have any power?.

I have three white wires, a purple wire and the 3 dark gray wires (clipped together with the aid of a copper box) coming from the ceiling outlet container. Glaringly the white wires move together, however in which do i connect the black cord and naked ground twine from my new mild fixture?. Hey, i have to deploy the electric supply for a chiller (230v, 60hz). The wires of the chiller are black, yellow and green. The inexperienced is the floor however which one is the live , black or yellow?.