nest wiring diagram uk combi Nest, gen install on, Plan system UK 14 Nice Nest Wiring Diagram Uk Combi Collections

14 Nice Nest Wiring Diagram Uk Combi Collections

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14 Nice Nest Wiring Diagram Uk Combi Collections - Quality write up i've visible, brief question someone maybe capable of answer can you no longer terminate the thermostat at its supply rather than converting the wiring within the junction box, leaving a terminal block behind the wall in position and what connections could need to be made to finish this circuit.

So what i've done right here to preserve matters easy is hold the original programmable unit (control unit) in my diagram and map those terminals to the brand new subsequent heat link underneath it so that you can see wherein they need to be going.

I have to say but that that is a courageous set up to do yourself in case you don’t realize what you're doing – just understand that if you balls up the wiring you'll end up with no warm water and no central heating! Consequently in case you definitely don’t have any idea what you are doing i completely advise you are seeking for expert help from considered one of nest’s permitted installers.

Attempted today getting absolutely dismantling the controller and thermostat. My thermostat changed into similar to yours, which i concept operates as 230v. Popped out and acquired a multi-meter and this confirmed it, so decided to depart for now. My controller also had two wires going from the 3 port valve into the controller factor 3, hw on, which didn’t make experience to me. I assume i figured out the feed from the junction field to the thermostat, but there’s no play on them to disconnect and be sure. There were additionally a few wires just tapped off inside the junction box which became like spaghetti junctions evil dual. These can be from the original boiler however i am now not positive. Going to do a little more studies.

I’m now not positive if this may be the case on all programmers but luckily for me at the back of the unit there has been a terminal key so i knew precisely what every of the existing wires and terminals had been doing – if this isn’t available to your programmer you can need to google it to perceive the purpose of each terminal.