wire hook pendant light Dining Room Light Update: Globe Pendant, My Yankee Roots Wire Hook Pendant Light Perfect Dining Room Light Update: Globe Pendant, My Yankee Roots Galleries

Wire Hook Pendant Light Perfect Dining Room Light Update: Globe Pendant, My Yankee Roots Galleries

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Wire Hook Pendant Light - Hi arlene - so happy this turned into beneficial to you! Ah,,,the ones handyman,,,,continually a chunk skeptical with new methods and gotta preserve an eye on them on the subject of the aesthetics,,,,but they come 'round. ; ) ~ C. Hi keith! No its wasn't tough in any respect - the ceilings were concrete, a pilot hole turned into drilled first and then the plug became lightly tapped in with a hammer, and the cup hook screwed in by hand. Its been pretty a long term but i bear in mind in many different locations within the condominium in which we had to drill into concrete (for placing photograph frames or wall shelves) we ended up cutting the plugs with a utility knife first in order that they weren't as long (i can't consider if we had to do that for the pendant or now not). Additionally i agree with the precise drill bits for concrete have been used. So this could assist in your situation. Excellent luck with it! ~ C.

Thanks (and thanks to google for locating this submit)! I've been wrestling with this predicament and haven't executed whatever approximately it because i didn't need to loop the twine across the conventional swag hooks. Hello. I would really like to swag my pendant as properly, however my condo board does now not allow drilling into the concrete ceiling. Can you suggest an opportunity to putting in a hook in the ceiling without drilling into the ceiling? Thanks.

Thank you for the records. I just used this approach to grasp a pendant lamp. Those metallic loops are called cable thimbles. They're used in rigging and can be observed in business or rigging supply locations. I found mine at the bulk hardware segment of my local ace hardware keep. Purchase fantastic redecorating light at lower priced price that add your own home sparkling and searching precise and elegant. Decorating lights come in one of a kind designs and color, you selected quality that changing an present great design of ceiling mild.

Hi darrin, you should make clear together with your constructing first-rate or building manager what the exactly the drilling regulations are referring to. What you want to do is screw a hook into the ceiling, drilling a pilot hollow the size of a completing nail, so that you can deploy a small cup hook, something effortlessly detachable at any time and fillable with a dab of nail filler. (On this job we didn't even drill in a good deal deeper than 1/four"). Attaching a bracket or hook to a ceiling with a screw isn't the equal factor as "core drilling" or trenching a concrete ceiling. Center drilling isn't always allowed in condos, that is whilst a hollow is bored into the concrete from one facet to the alternative, trenching or chaneling out massive sections of the concrete to deal with conduit or plumbing pipes is not allowed either as any of those actions might compromise the slab shape. Its now not unusual to should installation material mounting hardware or tracks for song lighting fixtures at the ceiling of a apartment, requiring you to screw(s) into the ceiling. I've personally in no way come across a condo bldg that constrained this (and how would they control it?) But i assume its possible. I might clarify this with them first. ~ C.