how to wire a 240v light circuit 480v Single Phase Transformer To 240v 3 Step Up, 480 208v, Down, 12v How To Wire A 240V Light Circuit Popular 480V Single Phase Transformer To 240V 3 Step Up, 480 208V, Down, 12V Solutions

How To Wire A 240V Light Circuit Popular 480V Single Phase Transformer To 240V 3 Step Up, 480 208V, Down, 12V Solutions

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Two, Lighting Circuit Wiring Diagram Best Of 240V Light Switch - I would love so one can manually perform the mild for after i need it to stay on constantly, and then have it perform at the movement sensor while i'm far from it. Essentially i have a movement sensor light mounted above the doorway to my shed/ workshop, and once in a while i want to set up my sawhorses outdoor of the shop to do work at night and the light is enough, however whilst i've been nonetheless too long, possibly doing some figuring or some thing, it is going out. I don't want to need to keep to wave my fingers approximately to get it to come back on each time it is going off. Do i want a double pole unmarried throw switch, or a single pole double throw, or what(is a three manner mild switch a spdt- [single pole double throw] transfer)? Is there a manner to wire it to a single switch wherein i may want to flip it over to 1 aspect to operate constantly, and then turn the transfer to make the mild paintings off of the motion sensor when i've gone in for the night? Please forgive the lack of knowledge. I simply can not envision it in my head. Thank you.

Maybe we're talking about distinct gadgets/ setups. The movement sensor light that i've is a simple twin head safety mild with a movement sensor within the middle of the fixture that can be unscrewed, thereby gaining access to the wiring. I do not recognize how the light might function with the transfer "open". How in the world may want to it perform if the circuit were open? If i have been to take away strength, then the mild will not, and cannot be energized. I do not know what type of fixture you're relating to and i do not imply at all to insult your intelligence, but i am just having a difficult time grasping what you are talking about. The most effective way i may want to see that operating is to have a constant, non switched warm going to the bulbs, however then that might make no feel because of no way to turn them off. Sorry for my lack of knowledge, and again, i appreciate it slow.