8 gauge wire for 500 watt amp Bravo View Aik-ps8000 -, Watt 8-awg, Amplifier Install, 4d47 8 Gauge Wire, 500 Watt Amp Popular Bravo View Aik-Ps8000 -, Watt 8-Awg, Amplifier Install, 4D47 Ideas

8 Gauge Wire, 500 Watt Amp Popular Bravo View Aik-Ps8000 -, Watt 8-Awg, Amplifier Install, 4D47 Ideas

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Details About, Watt Complete 8 GAUGE, Amp Audio Amplifier Cable Subwoofer Wiring Kit - Alright so i have 2 alpine swr-1242d subs that are mounted at 1 ohm in a belva bbx212bk container and the amp i have is rockford fosgate r1200-1d. Im running 0 gauge ground and electricity cord with a 150 watt fuse to my amp and i think 12 or 16 gauge speaker from my amp to my subs however for some reason only my poor speaker twine that goes from my amp to subs keeps burning and that i dont recognise why. Have to i simply get larger speaker wires or is there something extra that im lacking?.

Rob, you must never use height electricity scores whilst you plan out a system. That amplifier virtually places out 150 watts rms x 2 at four ohms, 225 watts rms x 2 at 2 ohms, and 450 watts rms x 1 bridged at 4 ohms. Normally, the amp calls for four-gauge power and floor wiring, but on your short runs eight-gauge or 10-gauge will paintings as properly.

I've installed a 500 watt amp this is 25 ft far from the cap, it's miles riding 12 inch subs and seems that i have set up the wrong strength supply cord to the amp are you able to assist me? And do you have got the cord size in inventory? Will need 30 ft.

Will, that amplifier uses 3 sets of power and ground cables. Every of the wonderful strength leads must be fused with a 225-amp fuse to shield the wires and your automobile from catching on fire inside the case of a brief circuit, and guide that big output.

George, the formulation here uses a typical ab amplifier's 50 performance in order to play it secure with all amplifiers. In case you want to be greater specific while coping with elegance d amps, you may use an expected efficiency as excessive as eighty. So, the formulation becomes: total rms wattage divided via zero.Eight performance divided through thirteen.8 volts equals modern-day attract amperes. Hi my is jose i want to realize what gauge need to i take advantage of for my device cause i maintain blowing my power line fuse i've a 2500 watt amp for my subs and a a thousand watt for my mids.