livolo 2 way switch wiring Switch touch 2 buttons, way 15 Most Livolo 2, Switch Wiring Galleries

15 Most Livolo 2, Switch Wiring Galleries

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Switch Touch 2 Buttons, Way - I'm now not a switching energy components professional here(despite the fact that i want to learn extra about smps's in standard but my time is confined for now) however i've come to a end: it's difficult to music this or to trade the existing circuit to accommodate the mysensors circuits power requirements. I tried numerous mixtures using sleep schemes and to alternate the flyback converter additives as different noted inside the mysensors forum and indeed i'm able to strength up my custom layout this is provided on this thread however it's now not strong. From time to time the switching transistor(mje13003) burns out and that is because i removed the resistor positioned on the enter of this power supply - near the bridge rectifier and changed it with a twine(this isn't the identical resistor as @lukaspp changed from the bottom of the transistor that's the startup resistor for the flyback converter).

Now the most effective cause that i consider for this resistor is to suppress the transients - however it has a huge value(100kohm) which limits the contemporary to a non-usable price for our cause. I know that there are different solutions to conquer the transients but they're both cumbersome or too slow for this(correct me if i am wrong here).

@lukaspp : the above pdf changed into examined with a simulation software however once i tested the usage of real components i can not get the theoretical effects. I had to ajust allmost to the original circuit from shabba and the satisfactory strength was 2.4v/13 ma. It is not enought for the couple atmega328-8mhz nfr24l01. So, if the challenge friends want it's miles going similarly, the energy supply needs to be out of this board. The rest of the board can be used. Opto transistors tr1/tr2/ and triacs. This is the very last pdf for two.4v/13ma. @tonnerre33 do you have got a load on the principle to permit enough modern-day to bypass via ? @Mtiutiu makes use of a capacitor for that. In case you do not the board can't draw sufficient strength and that would be a very good motive to have voltage droping.