install ceiling lamp ikea CALYPSO Ceiling lamp 10 Creative Install Ceiling Lamp Ikea Images

10 Creative Install Ceiling Lamp Ikea Images

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CALYPSO Ceiling Lamp - We used two 20 watt cfl bulbs within the smaller alang furniture (in our hallway) & 3 20 watt cfl bulbs within the larger fixture (in our laundry room). The max wattage endorsed on the field is 20 watts. Desire that helps! :). We honestly established the massive alang in our laundry room & we haven't had any troubles with it to this point (test out our laundry room makeover post - there is a photo of nader putting in ours). Even as the bulbs are close to the ceiling, they do not sincerely contact it (they're @ least 1/2 inches away from it). Are your bulbs certainly touching the ceiling? In that case, i will absolutely recognize his worries! Maybe strive smaller bulbs if that's the case. I'm hoping that helps! :).

I'm glad i came throughout your tutorial! I've been trying to get at least 3 of these for my residence and have been scared approximately the electrical assembly but your tutorial made me a bit bolder =). I'm curious - what wattage of cfl bulb did you operate inside the fixture? I simply sold this lamp, but handed at the ikea led bulbs due to the fact i figured i'd just use cfls or buy leds elsewhere.

You did a awesome process on this diy venture, mel! It’s accurate which you did some studies first before you commenced connecting the wires. This is the maximum important part, because one mistake can result in a short circuit or other electrical dangers. Besides, your ceiling looks even more lovely after the brand new lamp was established. Cheers! Bryan hubbard @ douthit electrical. Whats up there! Super useful put up! Thanks! We're looking at purchasing the larger light for our sons room (common length). Any idea if this light would offer sufficient lighting? Any help might be favored. Thanks!.

Thank you mel & nader for high-quality & detailed records of putting in ikea alang ceiling lamp. Now all and sundry can deploy ikea alang ceiling lamp by using his personal. However i am little bit issue about connecting electrical cables. Isn’t risky ? Led recessed ceiling lights. Have the larger 18" model in our windowless laundry room, & even as it provides sufficient mild, it's now not awesome brilliant by using any way. It may paintings in a median length room, but once more, it's not going to be very vibrant (in my humble opinion). Hope that enables! :).