hunter thermostat 44550 wiring diagram hunter thermostat wiring problem electrical drawing wiring diagram u2022 rh circuitdiagramlabs today Hunter, Thermostat Hunter 7 Perfect Hunter Thermostat 44550 Wiring Diagram Collections

7 Perfect Hunter Thermostat 44550 Wiring Diagram Collections

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Hunter Thermostat Wiring Problem Electrical Drawing Wiring Diagram U2022 Rh Circuitdiagramlabs Today Hunter, Thermostat Hunter - Selector switches so as for this hunter thermostat to govern your machine. Disable permit default setting normal * he hg b o regular – o – b – switch hg – he transfer . Slide the transfer to “b” in your reversing valve that activates in warmness mode. There also are different selector switches that can help you personalize the capabilities to fit your needs. Oil. Or warm water heating. * Switch placing sw name on off sw5 f/c celsuis fahrenheit sw6 12/24 24hours 12 hours sw7 span 2f/-1f 1f/-1f sw8 recov. Exchange the switch role to “he. Word: while changing these functions after installation. Slide the switch to “o” in your reversing valve that turns on in cool mode. Flow the warmth / cool selector transfer to off before doing away with the thermostat from the wall. If the fan does no longer come on within a minute of the thermostat calling for warmth. In case your warmness pump gadget has a “b” twine. Go away it on this function if you have any device that uses gasoline. Then slide the switch to the location that fits your reversing valve kind./24 hr. S furnace or heat pump selector (normal – o – b transfer) the factory role for this transfer is in the regular function. Depart the switch within the “hg” role.?? the gadget selector has no effect inside the cooling mode. F°/c° selector (sw5) 12 hr. If fan operation is everyday. Leave it in this position when you have a gasoline furnace or an oil burner. In case your heat pump gadget has an “o” cord. Take a look at to see whether or not the warmth and fan come on as anticipated. 14-15 when you have a single-level heat pump (no auxiliary or emergency warmness source). The gadget type ought to be particular through selector switches at the revealed circuit board in the thermostat. If you have an electric powered furnace. Selector (sw6) recuperation selector (sw8) span selector (sw7) device selector switches: s heating system selector (hg – he switch) the manufacturing unit position for this switch is in the “hg” position. ??he” position is for positive electric powered systems having a fan relay.