how to wire two lights to one photocell HOW TO WIRE A PHOTOCELL IN A CIRCUIT 8 Top How To Wire, Lights To, Photocell Solutions

8 Top How To Wire, Lights To, Photocell Solutions

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8 Top How To Wire, Lights To, Photocell Solutions - I attempted installing a dawn to dusk sensor, i take advantage of pencil kind swivel photocell photo cellular manipulate, 120v. The image mobile is running on a lamp. Lamp is line loop wire. I broken them apart, insert photocell black and red in a single line. The white line i join into the opposite line, twist 3 ends collectively. It really works. But when i apply to wires on wall failed to work. I get get admission to wall traces through get thru one of the two 3 methods switches controlling the porch mild. I found one line outdoor the transfer, reduce it to 2 open ends. There are 3 wires inside the transfer. I positioned 2 wires ends behavior the current. Basically i created two wires with four ends similar to my checking out lamp. But regardless of how i wiring them, it didn't paintings.

Yes - but i've since the initial wiring (which seemed much like your diagram) i have taken off the photocell from the second one light. Seems to me that if the strength is going off or directly to the first light it have to additionally manipulate the second one light? But glaringly you are the expert, now not me. I can re-cord it to reattach the photocell to the second light, but in view of your idea that these fail quickly and effortlessly, perhaps i need to go along with a different kind. Is there one you recommend which has a smaller footprint, a good way to manipulate each lighting with one hookup?.

Thank you for brief reply tommy - first light has 2 black wires and one white. I anticipate one of the black wires and the white cord cross directly to the second one mild. Also count on strength from the switch, as you stated, goes into the first mild via black and white wires. The photocells have handiest a black wire getting into and a black twine going out.

Thank you a lot for taking it slow and information to aid my issues. Not best did you answer my questions, you even took it a step further with replying with more pertinent facts i had to know.