how to wire halo lights to parking lights Coming, of, other side is 2, wires. Do i twist these together, run them to, parking lamps or should 1 be a ground wire? 12 Nice How To Wire Halo Lights To Parking Lights Photos

12 Nice How To Wire Halo Lights To Parking Lights Photos

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Coming, Of, Other Side Is 2, Wires. Do I Twist These Together, Run Them To, Parking Lamps Or Should 1 Be A Ground Wire? - Step 2) mounting ccfl angel eyes rings - for the bmw fashions that use the clips as attachment - 2003 bmw e46 m3 as proven  (a few bmw models does no longer require the clips, so you want to trim it off and fasten the ccfl rings to the headlight using epoxy glue).

3h) join the purple cord from the relay to the tremendous ( ) terminal discovered inside the electricity terminal location. (Observe: if you have the oem navigation, make sure it's miles completely grew to become off and now not on earlier than starting. There's a chance that your navigation can come to be damaged if you pull the energy when it is powered on.) First you need to discover the oem hood switch and unplug the connector. Next raise the climate stripping out of the way then elevate the quilt up by means of grabbing beneath in which the advantageous terminal is. See first picture below. Use a 13mm socket to take away the 13mm nut from the superb terminal. Find the crimson wire (with an inline fuse) popping out of the relay and mount it on the wonderful terminal. I selected to put in the pink cord beneath the oem battery cable. Do the opposite to put all of it again collectively then zip tie any lose cables. Tip: if you zip tie the inline fuse holder to the relay as pictured underneath (third % at the proper) you'll have smooth get admission to to the fuse).

3c) route the short harness to the passenger side headlight. If you carry the climate stripping from the passenger side electricity terminal place, you may slide the harness under the manufacturing unit harness package then path it down the passenger fender to the passenger headlight.

3f) path the long harness through to the brake fluid / eu container location then down the drivers aspect fender. I selected to go through the oem climate stripping as pictured underneath. Go away the cause cord inside the european container region for now and run the harness down the drivers fender (being as neat as possible).

1a) get rid of the flip sign nook lamp. Use a philips screw driving force to loosen the keeping screw as pictured under. The screw does not pop out so do not preserve turning or you will be turning forever. As soon as loosen, slide the corner lamp forward and undo the bulb connector. Set the lamp apart.