how to wire a bath ceiling fan light combo with 1 switch double switch wiring diagram wiring data rh unroutine co, Light Combo Wiring-Diagram Bathroom Heat Light, Switch Wiring Diagram Wall 11 Cleaver How To Wire A Bath Ceiling, Light Combo With 1 Switch Ideas

11 Cleaver How To Wire A Bath Ceiling, Light Combo With 1 Switch Ideas

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How To Wire A Bath Ceiling, Light Combo With 1 Switch - I planned on wiring it up based on a few house owner's how-to books, like this diagram indicates. My query is what wire must i exploit to replace the existing 3-manner setup, while including for the double switches? I have wired a fan/light on a double transfer before, using 12/three with a ground, but i did not realize what wire i must need for the double three-way setup. Even as the advice in other solutions appears correct, it's miles crucial to attach the "line" and "load" wires correctly to the gfci. Here is a picture from a assist page you can ignore the gfci on the left.

For the cable between the switch and the fan, you can set up a 3 wire cable in preference to a two wire cable. Even though you don't need the third twine now, it'll permit you to without problems set up a combo device inside the future (fan/mild, fan/warmness, and so forth.). If you're going to use wiring much like the first diagram from that thread, and you're making plans to apply 12 awg wiring. You'll need 5 conductors (plus ground) among the transfer containers, so i would probable use separate cables.

From pleasant i can inform, i want a hot and floor going to the first switch, four feeder wires going to 2nd transfer, and a 2 hots and a ground coming from second transfer to fan/light. The far off control, then again, is one of the maximum steeply-priced. This is not surprising because of the fact that it's miles one of the maximum high tech preference and affords one of the most ease. If you have youngsters within the house, a disadvantage although this that the faraway control can be without problems lost in particular. The middle ground choice is because of this the wall surface control; even though not as hassle-free as the frenzy-button manage, you will respect the benefit of constantly expertise wherein it is positioned (i.E. Can't be out of place). In the case that the electricity originates on the fan/light, i would employ some 12/2/2. The usage of a period among the fan/mild, and primary group of switches. Then some other period between the two groups of switches.