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14 Perfect Fender Telecaster 3, Switch Wiring Diagram Solutions

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14 Perfect Fender Telecaster 3, Switch Wiring Diagram Solutions - With this wiring, role 1 is the bridge pickup, role 2 is the neck pickup, and role three is a darkish neck pickup tone with all of the treble rolled off. That position 3 sound is just too darkish for a whole lot of gamers, even though some men like it for gambling jazz or faking bass lines. But the coolest thing is, while you’re in position 1, the tone knob acts as a mix switch, and you could mix in as a good deal or as little of the neck pickup as you want. There are some virtually quality blends in there that you can’t get with the same old wiring scheme.

Can a person factor me to a wiring diag for a tele, tele neck unmarried (2 cond), seymour duncan stk t2b (4 cond), 5-manner transfer (neck only, neck and bridge collection, bridge parallel, bridge one coil, bridge series), 2 vol no tone.

Thanks for the thing. I were given inspired and did this one (with the same old additives, 3-way switch, simply resoldered) 1. (Old neck position) pickups i collection with the cap between them. Effective and slighly mellow sound 2. (Antique middle role) pickups i series. Effective and bright sound. On this first positions, the vintage tone-control does nothing. Three. (Antique bridge role) pickups in parallel. Antique tone-manipulate works as extent manage for the pickup in bridge-function and everyday volumecontrol controls pickup in neckposition. On this position, you may combination the pickups as you need and obtain all three conventional telecaster sounds. The transfer also work as a kill swich among the brigde pickup and function 2. The drawback is you dont have the traditional tone-control. Tried the 4-way switch aspect, however determined out i’m the usage of simply the bridge pup by myself and the bridge and neck doggy in collection – because of this i must transfer from the first position to the 4th role, which gets irritating at the same time as your seeking to play solos. Is there an clean manner to wire the 4-way transfer so role 1 is the bridge domestic dog solo, # 2 is the bridge/neck in series, #3 is bridge/neck in parallel and #four is neck solo? How could i try this?.