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13 Professional Extra Wire, Electric, Fence Collections

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13 Professional Extra Wire, Electric, Fence Collections - 10 heavy duty floor staples:  floor staples are perfect for laying out your dog fence wire or for installations that run through terrain wherein burying the cord is hard or impossible. Our heavy duty ground staples are assured to maintain your canine fence twine in vicinity.

External surge safety:  outside surge safety is the best issue you may do to protect your funding. Rather than permit a rogue energy surge blow your transmitter, truly plug in our heavy obligation seasoned-grade surge protection module. This surge protector maintains your canine fence safe from lightening strikes and main strength surges.?  .

Strongest available correction:  the petsafe stubborn dog collar gives 50 stronger corrections than widespread collars due to the fact it's miles specifically designed for father or mother breeds with excessive ache tolerance or dogs over one hundred lbs. This multiplied correction is too much for smaller or extra touchy dogs and must be used with care to avoid over-correction.?.

Like minded with other collars:   the petsafe cussed dog transmitter is compatible with different petsafe dog fence receiver collars, so that is a suitable system for a multidog household in which simplest one dog wishes the stubborn canine collar. The petsafe elite little canine and petsafe deluxe ultralight receiver collars also are completely compatible with the stubborn canine device.?.

Five in my opinion adjustable correction levels:  the cussed canine collars can help you set the correction stage for every collar on the gadget independently. This makes the system appropriate for multidog families in which every canine has exclusive correction power needs. Even the lowest correction stages at the stubborn canine collar are pretty sturdy and not recommended for smaller dogs or any dog with higher sensitivity to stimulation. Over-correction can weigh down the canine and undermine the training system.?. The following collars are all like minded with this petsafe in-floor fence system: • petsafe rechargeable collar (pig00-13737) • petsafe deluxe ultralight collar (pul-275) • petsafe cussed canine collar (prf-275-19) • petsafe elite little canine collar (pig00-10778) • petsafe cat collar (pcf-275-19) • sportdog fence collar (sdf-r).