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Electrical Wire Strain Relief Clamp - To install the aluminum flex conduit over the nm-b 14/2 cable: * turn off the circuit breaker and confirm the energy is shutoff. * Disconnect the wiring from the garbage disposal. * Degree and cut the wanted length of flex conduit. * Set up an flex anti-short bushing ultimately of the conduit in which it'll meet the nm-b cable coming out of the wall. * Insert the nm-b 14/2 white jacketed cable within the flex conduit. It’ll be easier if the cable is instantly. Three/eight inch diameter conduit is a bit comfortable wherein half inch conduit is has greater room. Just make sure to apply the equal length fittings and bushing (three/eight or half inch). For the two or 3 toes of cable you possibly have, i’d stick with 3/8 inch. * Twine the brand new outlet as proven within the project.

Question 1: is there a manner to put in the drywall anchors for the energy outlet field using simplest one hand? Beneath my sink there isn’t enough room to reach the wall with each hands. I purchased self-threading anchors, however perhaps i should have offered the sort that want a hole drilled in view that a drill can be operated with one hand.

Question 2: if the lure, waste arm and slip nuts are chrome-plated brass or galvanized metal, now not percent, will a sealant be wanted and will a distinctive kind of washer be wanted? I tried the usage of no sealant and the vintage gaskets, which aren’t tapered like the gaskets in your pictures. The slip nut that connects the lure to the waste arm elbow should leak a chunk, since it feels moist. So i want to buy a few sealant and/or new gaskets, or update the trap with a percent lure. If i update the entice, would a sealant be had to make a watertight connection between the percent entice and the metallic elbow at the give up of the waste arm? (My trap seems to be chrome-plated brass. The waste arm and elbow is probably galvanized iron; they’re a stupid grey and the elbow is threaded without delay onto the waste arm with no slip nut. The building–eight stories of condos in montgomery county, md–turned into built within the mid-nineteen seventies, i think.).