cutler hammer starter wiring diagram 10EE MG Starter Circuit with Cutler-Hammer Contactor, Revised 12 Practical Cutler Hammer Starter Wiring Diagram Pictures

12 Practical Cutler Hammer Starter Wiring Diagram Pictures

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Practical Cutler Hammer Starter Wiring Diagram Pictures - questions on this concern: 1) what might purpose the coil to no longer pull the contactor? If i push it by using hand, it engages and starts offevolved. It buzzes but might not pull it in. 2) as soon as i push it manually and get it jogging. The spindle runs in opposite. If i opposite it, it runs ahead. Any hints would be liked. Thank you, bob.

Tracing the magenta wires, we see that the startup circuit is finished as follows: ac input l2 (and terminal 3, top proper) connect to the center role contacts of the drum switch inside the headstock (which ought to be in the middle position to permit the mg to begin). The headstock switch is attached to terminal 3 of the start/forestall station (located on the proper facet of the "bump out" on the bottom); the begin transfer is a normally open, non permanent touch transfer and ought to be pressed by the operator to provoke startup. Begin switch terminal 1 is stressed to stop transfer terminal 1. The stop transfer is typically closed and need to be closed to permit startup. Terminal 2 of the forestall transfer is, in flip, stressed to the overload switch on the lowest of the contactor. If an over-present day takes place on either l1 or l2, the thermally-operated overload transfer will open and need to be manually reset by urgent the overload reset button at the contactor; the overload transfer ought to be closed/reset to permit startup. The other facet of the overload switch is wired to at least one terminal of the coil. The alternative terminal of the coil is hooked up to l1, finishing the circuit. Notice that if there is an interruption in any part of the pink and magenta strains, above, the coil will now not be energized and the mg will now not start.

When the coil is energized by way of finishing the starting circuit the big 4-pole most important relay at the top of the contactor closes. The contacts at the right quit (terminals three and 1) now provide voltage immediately to terminal 1 on the begin/stop station, bypassing the begin and headstock switches and retaining the coil energized, as proven within the diagram below. If either the overload transfer or the prevent transfer open, the circuit is interrupted, the coil looses electricity, the contactor will open and the mg will shut down. This diagram shows the coil circuit with predominant contacts closed:.