catalina 36 electrical wiring diagram Starting Battery, Revisited, Catalina 36/375 International 15 New Catalina 36 Electrical Wiring Diagram Collections

15 New Catalina 36 Electrical Wiring Diagram Collections

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Starting Battery, Revisited, Catalina 36/375 International - 2)  although you indicated you are planning to apply four/zero ga to connect the batteries to the acr, i am assuming you meant to write down 4ga, on account that four/0 ga are monstrously thick cables and would appear to be overkill.?       with that assumed, i might have issues about switching to 4ga to attach the acr to the batteries (or as a minimum to the house bank).? first, because of the feasible detrimental effect on the acr's accuracy in sensing the batteries' voltage, as mentioned above.? and secondly, due to the fact i assume you want to contemplate the minimum necessities for the whole circuit from alternator to acr to residence bank back to alternator (via engine ground).?  if you've calculated that it ought to be wired in 1ga cable, then it seems to me that strolling a portion of this circuit the usage of 4ga cable defeats the reason, no? (Just like a sequence being handiest as sturdy as its weakest hyperlink).? (mind you, i claim no training or credentials on this or any other components of boats, just thinking out load as a tinkerer).

As for splicing and the usage of the "o" ring terminals:  the echo charger comes with the cables already terminated with the hoop terminals.? could the use of a bolt and lug to splice be a huge difficulty with safety and/or voltage drop?? both way, i would still want to splice a period of cable onto the prevailing echo charger cables.? if it is a trouble, what's the satisfactory way to splice the cables?.

I also like to interchange between residence batteries on ordinary and even days of our extended trips, in particular in the overdue night time when anchored.? this is why i want to preserve the combiner related to the residence batteries.? on shorter trips, i really like to maintain the house batteries paralleled. [/Quote].

Lamentably there is no smooth way to provide an explanation for properly the use of a battery display neither is there an smooth way to provide an explanation for how they paintings, reset and so forth.... I tried to make it as easy as i ought to however i suspect for most it will require as a minimum two reads to get it to soak up.