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Creative 24 Deep Wire Closet Shelving Images - To construct these shelves, i went to my neighborhood hardware / timber save and purchases two eight′ lengths of solid pine shelving (16″ deep), and had it reduce into 32″ lengths (the width of our closet). ?i additionally purchases 8′ lengths of 1×2 to apply because the shelf aid brackets on each side; and then two 8′ lengths of a thin trim board to pork up the appearance up the shelves along their fronts.

The one gain it had became in giving us a strong shelf floor in our linen closet.?but i knew.?in my heart, i knew. ?it simply wasn’t sufficient. ?it wasn’t the real factor. ?i truely desired to replace those bad-boy cord cabinets out for some custom searching solid wooden shelves.

We commenced by way of getting rid of all the old wire shelving (which i plan to donate); and then marking at the wall wherein the new shelves will pass. ?i just stayed with the same spacing because it had worked earlier than, however that is the appropriate time to interchange up your shelf spacing in case you need to.

We predrilled and brought screws to the 1×2 – as you could see in the nook. ?that screw is on an angle because we wanted to screw it into the stud within the nook of the closet wall. ?the alternative screw is hidden however you could see it peaking out below my husbands proper thumb within the picture underneath:.

The trim board turned into slightly wider at the top after which tapered at the lowest. ?i only selected this one as it was this kind of small intensity so we had sufficient space for it within the closet as soon as connected to the 16″ deep pine shelves. We stuffed the tiny nail holes and allow it dry. ?then i used a few dap (my favored caulking tool) to fill around each shelf and wood bracket so they all looked solidly attached to the closet. I painted one coat of primer and coats on each side of the pine shelves that i purchased at the hardware store – i used our eating room table with a drop material as a floor, and used a foam curler. ?it dried quite speedy so i used to be capable of paint one aspect, dry, turn it and paint the other facet, and many others. ?in a fairly short time frame. I didn’t paint the rims of the pine because i didn’t want them to get thicker and no longer healthy inside the closet properly – and at the the front we were going to be placing a facing so it didn’t want to be painted.