22 gauge antenna wire How to Build Several Easy Antennas, Amateur Radio 13 Best 22 Gauge Antenna Wire Ideas

13 Best 22 Gauge Antenna Wire Ideas

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Best 22 Gauge Antenna Wire Ideas - Shipped and arrived quickly. I configured it up approximately 50 feet. An excellent antenna with incredible performance on all bands. First examined with my kx3, first rate effects with top notch reviews, strolling most effective 15 watts. Wonderful. 73 k8rqx.

Hey i'm strolling a efhw8010 antenna and it tunes and performs notable for me the handiest problem i'm having it'll not the very top of the 80 meter band from 3.920 to three.999 however i am trying to find out how to song it to resolve this problem in any other case this antenna is outstanding and the overall performance it incredible, i have bout 4 of these antennas and the afore cited hassle is it but i definitely like this antenna and i would incredibly recommend this antenna to my buddies and fellow hams.

I spent a minute and took only one scan on 80m with a rig professional aa-30. It showed a 1.7 at three.650. I've a fashionable license and would like it higher. It reads around four.1 up round 3.950. Ok, so perhaps i will get around to scanning and recording the resonant points for different bands and then shorten the twine a little to look what takes place.

I simply hooked up the efhw-8010 2kw version and have it in a inverted l going up vertical for around 50ft and then out horizontal on a help rope throughout my subject and it appears to be running superb. Turned into running 5b4 cyprus last night on 40 and then into africa on eighty. Its operating on all bands actual first-class. Appears to work better then my fan dipoles i had up and much less noise too on the low band plus changed into easy to install. That is the primary inverted l form antenna i have had up but its operating extremely good.

Operating cw with ~six hundred watts output these are a number of the stations i have in the log: forty m ha8rm, lu7ys, a31mm, ce2lml, and h40gc. On 80 m vy1ja. So that’s europe, south the usa, the south pacific, and yukon, all from japanese washington. This factor is getting out pretty well. This became carried out in much less than a month. I’ve heard lots of different dx stations and count on that my log e-book goes to see plenty more of them in it over this coming iciness. I’m no longer the greatest cw op, and had been in reality taking my time getting lower back into the sport after a numerous year hiatus. As my velocity picks up things must get exciting. For a unmarried twine antenna, this component sure works!.