2008 chevy silverado trailer brake wiring diagram 2008 Chevy Silverado Wiring Diagram Beautiful 2006 Trailer Sample 14 Creative 2008 Chevy Silverado Trailer Brake Wiring Diagram Images

14 Creative 2008 Chevy Silverado Trailer Brake Wiring Diagram Images

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14 Creative 2008 Chevy Silverado Trailer Brake Wiring Diagram Images - There must be a hassle code this is placing for this carrier trailer brake message to return up. It'd positive be in your benefit if you could get a hold of a tech 2 scanner and study the hassle codes inside the tbcm. Up to date tbcm calibrations were released in tis2web to enhance tbcm diagnostics for a high resistant quick to voltage difficulty. The tech 2 may be used to display the "tbcm relay feedback sign" parameter located underneath chassis/trailer brake manipulate module/facts show to assist determine if there's a short to voltage. The normal voltage reading is among 3.2-4.1 volts.

Do the diagnosis the next day and lets see what the results are after that. We can suppose this trouble to demise, and all the possibilities. But till we affirm the circuits, all we're doing is guessing. Gm is receiving a number of returned trailer brake manipulate modules (tbcm) and trailer brake relays which can be absolutely functional. The tbcm video display units the voltage of the electric brake wire (dark blue circuit forty seven) that runs from the trailer brake relay to the 7-pin trailer connector inside the bumper. If the voltage on this twine is shorted lower or higher than the designed output voltage of the relay the tbcm will set a dtc.

To request me you may put for hal best, inside the first line of the query. This manner i should get it. If you want extra steerage on this difficulty simply hold replying to this question so all of the data is on one question concerning this trailer brake difficulty. I've used the pinnacle lamp as a take a look at before. Adjusting the benefit does dim the lamp. So that is a valid check. In case you are seeing no gain modify arise on the dic ( so long as the code isn't set) then i would additionally assume that the manipulate switch in the sprint can be at fault, in view that that is what the code describes.

Vern, every other professional has noted to me that he has also run into the pressure turn on the master cylinder has set this code. So maintain this in mind whilst doing all of your diagnostics. We all learn some thing new while we work collectively. Keep me up to date in your development and if you want any greater records.