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9 Perfect 18 Gauge Wire Subwoofer Photos

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9 Perfect 18 Gauge Wire Subwoofer Photos - My 06 sentra came with a rockford fosgate surround sound gadget. My subwoofer has stopped working. I've checked all my fuses and feature even unfolded the amp case to see if i can figure out whats incorrect but not anything appears ab ordinary. All my different speakers work nice. So if a person had a solution please help. Any other question, i have a 15' rockford sub and an amp to go together with it, i need to put in it into my sentra, but i have found out the stock stereo doesnt include rca jacks so whats is the exceptional way to go about this? Please assist!.

Whilst you look at the pictures, understand that i am the use of an amplifier that is too small for the subwoofer. It's miles for demonstration functions and it does no longer sound as proper because it have to.

Adequate now we've got most of the wires in place, we will cord up the amp. Join the energy cable from the battery into the spot on the amp that has one of the following markings (do no longer join it to the speaker advantageous): b batt. Pos. 12v 12v pwr energy join the 16 to 18 gauge wire into the spot that asserts: rem. Remote ant. Join the three foot, 10 gauge wire to the only marked (do now not join it to the speaker poor): b- neg -12v gnd floor join the other stop of the floor wire to a close-by bolt that connects to the frame of the car. Connect the speaker cord to the and - marked for audio system at the amp. There may be 2 channels. If there are 2 channels and you could bridge your amp, do it. I may not explain bridging but its easy and you can google it. Join the opposite quit of the speaker wire to the and - on the speaker container. Try and make sure that the from the amp is attached to the on the speaker, and the equal with the -.

I you have a inventory radio you will probly need to replace it. When you have a aftermarket already mounted or to be mounted have a look at the instructions that got here with it if you may put in a sub it'll show you a way to twine it, plus those with the amp you may be best the toughest element is runing the wires, and the second toughest component is making sure the posative and negative at the amp are proper aside from that it must just be plug and play as it says above. (You could need to show on the sub from within the radio but thats the most effective peculiar component on some).