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11 Brilliant 1746, Wiring Diagram Solutions

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Brilliant 1746, Wiring Diagram Solutions - 2008 ..0 a.0 a.030 a zero. Department 2 risky location by using csa. The output led signs of the mixture io modules within the rack could be illuminated. Continuous cutting-edge according to 1746-io4 module is four. Division 2 dangerous area by way of c-ul.. 1746-io8.. Racks aren't beneath processor manage if one of the following situations exist: • modular hardware fashion (best): processor is absent from the rack or the rack interconnect cable isn't properly connected.090 a zero. Non-stop modern in step with 1746-io12dc module is 8. Non-stop present day in line with 1746-io8 module is eight. 1746-io12. Use the subsequent identity code whilst configuring your machine with programming software program or the hht: 1746-io12dc = 1512. Working (outputs) backplane modern 5v dc intake 24v dc (1) (2) five.0 a. See specification for catalog numbers 1746-ib16 and 1746-ow16.265v ac five. ?? modular hardware fashion and glued hardware fashion: the processor does now not have the firmware promenade established or the processor isn't functioning nicely.125v dc zero.060 a 0. Ebook 1746-in027c-en-p .

I/o modules 21 input modules .1746 -itb16 1746-ic16 1746-ih16 24v dc sinking dc dc in 0 in 1 in 2 in three 24v dc sinking 48v dc sinking in zero 125v dc sinking 0 in 1 1 2 in 3 3 4 in 5 five 7 eleven 12 in 1 1 thirteen 15 sixteen in 15 17 dc com slc percent 24v dc (ib16. 1746-ic16. 1746-ib16.

August 2008 .20 virtual i/o modules wiring diagrams (1746-im4. 1746-im8. 1746-im16) 1746-im4 1746-im8 200/240v ac l1 two hundred/240v ac no longer used not used not used now not utilized in 0 in 1 in 2 in three l1 in zero in 1 200/240v ac in four in five in 6 in 7 200/240v ac in 2 in three l2 ac com l2 ac com internally linked commons ac com 1746-im16 2 hundred/240v ac l1 in zero 0 in 2 2 in four 4 in 5 5 6 in eight 10 in 10 12 in 12 14 in 14 sixteen in 15 in 13 15 17 ac com ac com in eleven thirteen in 9 eleven in 7 7 in 6 in three 3 in 1 1 200/240v ac l2 internally linked commons slc % guide 1746-in027c-en-p .

2008 . For a list of octal label kit catalog numbers. The octal kit is ordered primarily based at the catalog variety of the i/o module. Critical be sure the octal labels are used along with your % system. Ebook 1747-um011. While used in a % machine. To wire your 16-point i/o module when used in a slc machine. Directions on a way to installation the labels are covered with the package and on page 6 of this report. Use the decimal numbers within the upper left component of every box. As shipped from the factory. Use the octal numbers within the lower proper portion of the field. Tip you may order the octal label package from your allen-bradley distributor. The i/o module has a decimal cope with label on the interior of its door. It is not vital to attach an i/o device to every and every i/o module terminal. Decimal and octal labeling for sixteen-factor i/o modules 1746-ia16 l1 a hundred/120v ac in 0 zero in 2 2 in four 4 in 6 in 1 1 in 3 3 in five five 6 in eight 10 in 10 12 in 11 thirteen 14 in 14 16 in 15 in thirteen 15 17 ac com ac com in nine 11 in 7 7 for slc (decimal) in 14 one hundred/120v ac 16 for percent (octal) l2 in 12 internally linked commons slc % guide 1746-in027c-en-p . A separate octal conversion package may be ordered.