14 gauge wire for refrigerator Kegerator Build Part 1: Converting, Fridge, Ryan's Random 12 Best 14 Gauge Wire, Refrigerator Images

12 Best 14 Gauge Wire, Refrigerator Images

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Best 14 Gauge Wire, Refrigerator Images - As for the thermostat, i did use 18 gauge cord. I agree with i picked up a small spool from radio shack. I’m in reality no longer an electrician both, but i trust you can use a higher gauge wire (smaller wide variety) and be ok. You just don’t want to go along with a smaller gauge. However, i'd surely double take a look at that with someone who knows extra approximately wiring than i do.

I have not added a tower to it yet, but do plan on adding that in the future. There may be a diagram on the lower back of the refrigerator that announces there may be only a unmarried line jogging on the pinnacle of the refrigerator right near the front, so including a tower ought to not be a problem. The fridge did require pretty a bit of modification, but none of it became too tough to accomplish. I followed many distinctive how-to’s out there for converting a mini-fridge and tried to mix bits and pieces from all of them to get a end result that worked for me. So right here’s a big thanks to all the other how-to’s obtainable for assisting me out.

Right here are a few extra pics i took for the duration of the procedure, such as more than one the finished product – finished for now anyway. I can try to write up my enjoy of adding a tower as soon as i’m able to get one. Yeah, i have plans for a two tap tower subsequently too. Despite the fact that at this factor it’s just in my head seeing that i simply dropped nearly $three hundred on the keg system and fridge. So my wife doesn’t want to understand about the tower plan until later. Glad to realize it’s feasible however i figured it changed into after looking on the plan of the cooling device at the lower back of the refrigerator. Looks as if there is best one line over the top and it’s manner within the front. I will in reality take a look at with the corn starch/alcohol trick. Can you post a p.C of your refrigerator with the tower on it? I’d want to see what it looks as if.