14 gauge wire for jewelry making 14 Gauge Round Half Hard Nickel Silver Wire: Wire Jewelry, Wire 13 Fantastic 14 Gauge Wire, Jewelry Making Photos

13 Fantastic 14 Gauge Wire, Jewelry Making Photos

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Fantastic 14 Gauge Wire, Jewelry Making Photos - Good enough, now we’re going to add the details. Obviously, you’re going to use the identical steps that you have thus far, with one exchange. Oftentimes in my designs, the element pieces require becoming the stop right into a crevice created by other portions joining. Here’s how i do that, when i’ve made the form for the gap i need.?if the wire is too lengthy for the crevice, place it wherein you want it, and lightly pick out it up along with your flush cutters, right in which you need to reduce it. Don’t reduce it even as it’s laying for your piece due to the fact you would possibly reduce or mar the completed piece. Once you've got the length you like, record the ends down to a degree on each aspects to provide a tighter healthy.

My today's obsession is scroll work, just like the rings above. I love swirls and coils, and flowing shapes, and that i especially love the assignment of making reflect image pieces. In this academic, i’m going to reveal you a little little bit of my method. Especially, i want to reveal you a way to make scroll shapes the use of not anything but pliers and your fingers, and additionally how to get nearly flawlessly matched pairs of the same form and length. You understand the ones jigs? The kind with the pegs which you wrap twine around to get positive sizes and styles? When you have one, positioned it away. Don’t touch it. You’re going to do this to your very own, and right here’s where you’ll begin: with a few sketches.

Now we’re going to make the secondary pieces. I used sixteen gauge sterling silver wire for this piece. Reduce identical lengths of cord and shape them the usage of the techniques above.?area them on the principle piece in numerous places and orientations to determine what you want nice. I want them to lay approximately like they may be within the below photo, but this piece nonetheless desires a few modifications.