14 gauge rabbit wire Amazon.com : YARDGARD 308371B 28 Inch by 50 Foot 14 Gauge Rabbit, Small Animal Garden Fence : Installer Drill Bits : Garden & Outdoor 13 Simple 14 Gauge Rabbit Wire Pictures

13 Simple 14 Gauge Rabbit Wire Pictures

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Amazon.Com : YARDGARD 308371B 28 Inch By 50 Foot 14 Gauge Rabbit, Small Animal Garden Fence : Installer Drill Bits : Garden & Outdoor - At crossroads rabbitry, we favor to use a bermuda type hay or a hay as near bermuda as we will get.?  our nzw rabbits simply seem to make higher nest with this hay than they do with wheat straw, that means the infants do better. They also can eat or nibble in this form of hay which is good for them; they usually do not like eating wheat straw.

The nest boxes are normally filled with wheat straw or hay for bedding.? strive now not to use sawdust as it absorbs water and turns into cold.? cedar, redwood or pine shavings are also very terrible in your rabbit.? the aromatic hydrocarbons produced from softwood bedding’s can reason each respiration and liver harm in rabbits.?  wheat straw, which is utilized by most growers, does paintings properly but will every now and then purpose eye problems as it is a lot stiffer than hay and might poke the eyes of kits.

Those special made p.C panels help keep a lot of toddlers.? they no longer simplest allow urine to bypass thru, but additionally assist reduce leg injuries and save you splaying.? they also serve as an insulator and help with warm temperature within the winter and preserve the kits cooler within the summer season.? we choose to no longer use a larger length nest container as it leaves an excessive amount of room for the doe to lie in.

Our cages are hung at about 48″ above the floor for less difficult clean out plus you could bend over and get to the alternative side simply. ?our cages are hung with 3/four” emt conduit via the top corners of the cages after which suspended from the ceiling with chain. ?three/four″ conduit seems to paintings higher than half″.

Our drop nest containers are offset and located in a positive pattern to save you any adjacent rabbit from urinating on the nest or kits. Before kindling, we insert special made perforated % panels into the nest packing containers. They just appear to work higher than cardboard, masonite or timber.

Our cages are 18” tall x 24″ deep x 30” or 36″ huge. We don’t pass any deeper due to the fact gathering kits, cleaning and breeding’s grow to be more difficult.? we discovered this the difficult manner as our original cages have been 36″ deep; too deep for arm period. ?if you desire your rabbit to have a bigger cage, cross wider now not deeper.