12 gauge silicone wire Aliexpress.com :, Electrical Wire 12, Silicone Wire 12 Gauge Hook Up wire Cables, Black, 3 m, Soft, Flexible of Tinned copper wire from 11 Top 12 Gauge Silicone Wire Collections

11 Top 12 Gauge Silicone Wire Collections

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Aliexpress.Com :, Electrical Wire 12, Silicone Wire 12 Gauge Hook Up Wire Cables, Black, 3 M, Soft, Flexible Of Tinned Copper Wire From - Q1:how to choose copper and cca(copper clad aluminum)? 1)examine shade of move segment reduce cross phase of wire ,aluminum color is white,pure copper is yellow 2)burning copper:after burning,forms a ball-formed object aluminum:after burning, conductor slump straight and shade is white, it is going to be damaged after touching 3)scratch with a device after scratching,copper or tinned copper wire appears yellow, copper clad aluminum seems white color. Q2: why this wire is pre tinned?? Like a silver shade?? There are kinds of copper cord: naked and tinned. The primary difference between the two is corrosion resistance. When a person desires tinned wire, they're in all likelihood worried with corrosion forming at the wires. Corrosion isn't always an excellent conductor. Q3:what's advantage of silicone insulation? The satisfactory factor about the silicone is it's far very bendy, you can bend it easily each which manner and cozy it but you like with zip ties or whatever with out hassle. Everyday stranded cord is a ache to try to shape the manner you want in rc packages. I assume the silicone is well well worth it for ease of use in rc. Q4:why bendy silicone wire is so popular on ebay? This become used to force cars on a far off robot. The wire is very easy to paintings with. It takes solder easily, could be very flexible, and has a thick insulator. It is a touch greater than i am used to spending on wire, however the product is tons nicer than popular teflon or plastic lined wire. Q5:how can l get a pattern of silicone cord to confirm the exceptional? 1)loose sample ordinary silicone cord you could get free samples, just pay for the freight. And we will offer you with three specific(tnt/dhl/fedex) the bottom discount. Also you may also provide us with your explicit account. 2)customized pattern please supply me your request,but you need pay for the pattern rate and freight. And we will return returned the sample expenses as soon as the order is showed. Q6:which message you can depart to get a quote fast? Leave us twine gauge,voltage,outer diameter,insulation and qty, you'll get an accurate quote asap. ?                    click on here, ship inquiry now!?.